Children's Church

10:30 - Noon Sunday Mornings

Preschool Children's Church

We believe that children can learn deep truths at a young age because the Holy Spirit is at work in their hearts, opening their eyes to truth. Short, simple lessons plant gospel seeds in the minds of these young children. Teaching is balanced with snack and story time to keep these children engaged in instructional discipleship. We believe that as we plant and water God’s Word, He will bring forth a harvest in the lives of our children.

Elementary Children's Church

Our 1st-6th grade children’s church emphasizes gospel-centered teaching and preaching. We desire to clarify and define the gospel for children so that they understand the foundation for a right relationship with God. A consistent emphasis on the fruits of conversion helps children understand the results that Christ’s work will have in their lives. Even at this early stage in life children learn to understand the importance of personal conversion and their walk with the Lord. The Bible is primarily about God and His Son Jesus Christ. The stories and storylines of Scripture aren’t just nice moralistic tales. They point to and crescendo in the work of Christ on the cross at Calvary. We teach children an elementary biblical theology of the Old and New Testaments over four years. The focus of this “junior” church is participation in corporate worship, not just stories and entertainment.