Core Sunday School Classes

Spring Core Class Schedule

Singleness: In a church culture that celebrates marriage, it could be easy to define being single merely in relation to what it is not: not married. But this falls far short of the biblical picture of singleness. Scripture presents Christian singles as those with the opportunity and freedom to use their gifts in undivided devotion to the Lord. There are challenges, to be sure. But to merely focus on what is not true of singles fails to capture the joys of why God leads some of his people into this reality of service to Him. Whether you are single or hope to live/serve faithfully with those in our church who are, this 4-week core class should be of great help to you.

Stewardship: Stewardship is certainly about our money, but it is about far more than just that. Everything we have - our money, our possessions, our health, our time, our skill - is a gift from God to be used for God's purposes. We are stewards of all God has given us. However, it is all too common for us to think of things like health and skills as unrelated to our spiritual lives or even worse, to idolize them. If you desire to grow in stewarding all of your life to God's glory and praise, then this 12-week core class is for you.

Guidance: How do we know if God wants us to do this or that? If the decision is between something moral or immoral, the answer is easy. But what about two good decisions? Should we put out a fleece like Gideon? Should we flip a coin? Does God’s Word even address this? We believe it does. God’s Word gives clarity in how we should go about making daily decisions that bring him glory. If you are interested in knowing more about God’s will and how to discern it in daily life, this 8-week class is for you.